Creating a tinyurl

To create a tinyurl:

1. Go to the site and the page you want your tiny url to point to.  For instance I want a tinyurl that will point to my Amazon author page.  I go to Amazon and search for one of my books and then click on my name under the book title to bring up my author page.  It looks like this:

2. The arrow is pointing to the URL box in my Internet Explorer browser. The URL box is in pretty much the same place on every browser.  Whenever you have a web page open, this box will show the complete URL for the page you’re on (although if it’s long, some of it may be off your screen).

If you put your mouse pointer on the box and click it, the line should change color, which means the entire URL is SELECTED.

To copy that URL, hold down the “CTRL” key on your computer and press the C key.  That will copy the URL to your clipboard.  Note: you don’t see the clipboard, but it’s there, behind the scenes, holding the things you copy to it.

3. Now, press the “Backspace” key to erase the entire line in the box, so that it’s empty and type in ““.  That should take you to the tinyurl site.

If you don’t see a blinking cursor already in the box (circled above), click in it.  Now hold down the “Ctrl” key and Press V.  That should copy the URL from Amazon into the box. Click the blue box that says, “Make TinyURL”. The arrow is pointing to it.

If you get a message asking if you want to allow the browser to access the clipboard, go ahead and click “Allow”.

4. A new page will come up which will show you the URL you entered and the new tinyurl.  (I’ve put a box around it for emphasis).


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