All design jobs are different, so the rates below are intended only to give a general idea of how much I charge. Once we've talked about what you want for your web site or design project, I'll give you a customized quote.

Site design:

Basic to Intermediatiate HTML Site ... $500.00
Home Page with customized header name plate and menu bar + six basic secondary pages

Advanced Site ... $800.00 and up
Customized site template and multiple layers of secondary pages
May include:
Content Management System
Dynamic Displays
Multiple Contact Forms

Basic WordPress Site ... $600.00
Customized WordPress template with custom header, installation, home page set up, and up to four pages created. For those who want to be able to maintain content areas themselves without learning anything about HTML. Additional secondary pages are $25/page.

Advanced WordPress Site ... $800.00 and up
Customized WordPress template with customized graphics, installation and unlimited pages set up. May include advanced features, such as a photo gallery, multiple response forms, or ecommerce connection. For those who want to be able to maintain content areas themselves without learning anything about HTML.

Other Services:

* Domain name registration $20.00 per year. Account will be set up and domain name registered in your name.

* Image gallery set-up...$75.00

* Update or repair of existing site... $60/hour, charged in 15-minute increments.

Web Graphics:

* Basic blog header... $250

* Blog header and color set up...$300

* Static banner creation... $50.00

* Animated banner creation (3 panels) ... $75.00

Book Covers:

Simple ebook cover based on one or two stock photos with title and author name: $75.00 + the cost of images.

Book cover for print ... $150 + the cost of any stock images purchased.

Print Graphics

* Business cards (one side) $50.00

* Business cards (two sides) $75.00

* Bookmark (one side full color; one side B&W text only) $75.00

If you're interested in working with me, please contact me for a customized quote.

To help speed the process please give me as much detail as you can about what you want. For websites, f you know, please tell me the number of pages you're anticipating, how many graphic images you think you'll have, if there are any customized functions you need, like a specialized contact form, etc.